Terms of Service


Rent.it is a registered trademark of Rent.it Srl, a company established in Sassari, Italy in Via Roma,56 with VAT number IT01390700902.
These terms of service, the privacy and cookie information and the rental terms and conditions of the vehicles are altogether our agreement with you with respect to the services we supply.
No conduct of Rent.it can be expressly considered as acceptance of any other term.
If you do not want to accept these conditions, please stop using the website and its services.
Rent.it may change these conditions without prior notice, so please take time to read them each time you visit the website and use its services.
When you use our services for the rental of a vehicle, we exclusively offer the service of booking the vehicle proposed by the rental company. The booking made with Rent.it is therefore subject to the vehicle's rental terms and conditions of the rental company and to any corresponding law of the country where the vehicle is rented.
Individual restrictions may also apply for the rented vehicle.
These terms apply to each booking made with us or with our website, so please be sure to read and understand the content.
The terms and conditions of the rental company and our conditions consider some exclusions and limitations of responsibility.
Your booking on the website is subject to your acceptance of our conditions and those of the rental company. If you do not agree with these conditions you must not proceed with the booking. By confirming that you want to book a vehicle with our website you declare to have read, understood and accepted the conditions. If there is something you have not understood, or if you have a request regarding the rental or any other product, you can ask for information by contacting us using the channels indicated in the Customer Care page.
There could be circumstances in which we do not know if our suppliers have or not a specific vehicle available. In these cases, we will indicate the vehicle as "on request". This means that, while we cannot immediately confirm that the required vehicle is available, we will do our best to provide it and we will inform you of the result within 2 working days from your request.
We will inform you via e-mail or SMS and we will send you a confirmation of the booking if the offer has been accepted.
The rates showed on the website can be confirmed only at the moment of the acceptance of the booking and subject to the full payment of the indicated amount.

Terms of usage of the website

It is forbidden to anyone to use any device or software to connect or try to connect – either directly or indirectly – to our website to acquire content or any other information, including rates and products lists. It is furthermore forbidden to interfere, or try to interfere, with the normal functioning of the website.
Any activity representing an inappropriate use or an attempt to interfere with our systems will be terminated and reported to the competent authorities. The accesses to our website are continuously monitored and any automated system or real person making an unreasonable number of searches will be blocked from our sites.
It is not allowed to use the booking engine to make fictitious or false bookings.
The use of the website implicitly indicates the acceptance of these Terms of Usage.

Information Accuracy

While we endeavour to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this website, neither we nor our affiliates, suppliers, or agents can be held responsible for the accuracy of such information. It is your sole responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all the information provided on this website.
The booking voucher must be handed to the rental company at the moment of the collection of the vehicle. Rent.it does not accept any charge for declined rentals in case the booking voucher is not presented.
We do not accept any charge for any expense or liability subsequent to the signing and/or acceptance of the rental documents made with the local rental company.
We do not accept any responsibility in case of driving under the effect of alcohol or drugs, outside of authorized circulation areas and for negligent behaviour. The customer shall take full responsibility in such cases.

Prices and descriptions

Although we strive to provide correct information, we may not rule out the possibility that, in a small part of the thousands of quotes showed on our website, is indicated by mistake a rate different from the actual price or an inadequate or wrong description of the vehicle. We will in any case check for the accuracy of the prices and of the characteristics of the booked vehicle during the booking verification process and in the following hours.
If the price and/or the characteristics of the vehicle should differ from the actual ones (as, for example, in case of prices considerably lower than actual market prices caused by material errors of the rental companies in loading the rates or in case of wrong indication of the currency of the showed price) or, in any case, in case of mistakes or other inconveniences such as to fall under the provisions of art. 1431 of the Italian Civil Code ("recognizable error"), the booking will be cancelled and the eventual price paid will be immediately refunded. Rent.it will take no financial liability, or of any other kind, because of this cancellation.
We will evaluate, as an alternative, to contact you to verify if you would like to use the service anyway at the correct price or with the correct characteristics, otherwise your booking will not be accepted.
If the correct price of a product is less than indicated on the website, we will charge only the correct lower price and we will correct the booking voucher.

Rental agreement

Rent.it does not own or manage any transport service business and is not a transport service provider. Its only business is to show the user the prices and conditions of the various rental companies through its booking engine.
What is stipulated with Rent.it is not a rental agreement. The voucher issued by Rent.it at the end of the booking process is in fact a confirmation of the reservation made, under the conditions indicated, for the rental company that will provide the service, with its supplied confirmation code.
The rental agreement is signed with the rental company (transport service provider) when collecting the vehicle.
Please pay close attention in reading the rental agreement which will be proposed to you, and to accept it only if you have clearly understood the contents of the agreement.
Rent.it cannot be held responsible for any expenses incurred or liability resulting from the signing of agreement and documents signed and accepted with the car rental company or their representatives.
The rental company (transport service provider) is the sole responsible for providing the user with the transport service booked through this booking engine.

Obligation of reachability of the Customer

At the moment of the booking the customer has the responsibility to correctly indicate a working and reachable email address and phone number. In particular, the mailbox must be configured to fully enable accessibility for e-mails sent by Rent.it, without filters that compromise the overall usability according to the RFC specifications.
Rent.it commits to send all communication according to RFC specifications, using advanced signature and certification systems of its messages, and obviously without scripts, viruses or other content that can impair the deliverability of the message.
For this reason, Rent.it cannot be held responsible in case of non-delivery of e-mails due to filters, spam filters, antivirus systems, and in general to all those technical problems that may cause a failure to receive communications.

Important information regarding the exchange rates

Because of fluctuations in exchange rates, please note that the amount charged to your credit card may differ from the price indicated at the time of the confirmation of a product or service. The difference (if any) will depend on the changes in exchange rates in the period between the time of booking and the time when the charge will appear on your credit card statement.
Similarly, if we were to make refunds to your account, we will refund the exact amount initially charged, and will not accept liability in case of fluctuations in exchange rates that could result in a higher or lower refund than expected.

Data protection: personal information of the customers

All personal information collected on our site are transferred to our servers via a secure connection encrypted with a 256-bit key.
Your browser will indicate that you are using an encrypted connection showing in the address bar the icon of a padlock. The lock will be closed and green to indicate that the connection is secure and that the certificate is verified.
This safety feature is always displayed on the pages where your personal or payment information can be viewed or inserted, while in the other pages this function is optional.

Data Protection: information of credit cards

The credit card data supplied by the customers are encrypted and are always sent via secure connection to the payment gateway for the transaction. We do not manage credit card data directly. They are managed exclusively from the payment gateway.
The payment gateway we use are: Axerve or Stripe.
In case of payment made with PayPal website, the user is redirected on their pages. Processing of the data is then made directly by PayPal, either by using a Paypal account or a credit card.

Data protection: Data Retention of Customer's information

Names, addresses, details of reservations and customer email addresses are stored in encrypted form in the database within our servers. No management or conservation of the data takes place outside of our managed servers.
The data is never shared, reused or sold to anyone, unless specifically authorized by the customer. The names and email addresses of the customers are used to send promotional and special offers email and are handled internally, without the use of third-party software or systems.
In any case the data processing is always managed in respect of the content in the privacy policy.

Access to the service

While doing its best to ensure that the booking engine is regularly available 24 hours a day, Rent.it declines any responsibility in relation to the unavailability of the booking engine at any time or for any period, regardless of the causes. Access to the booking engine can be suspended temporarily and without notice in the event of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond the control of Rent.it.

Links to third-party websites

This booking engine may contain links to resources hosted on servers or websites managed by subjects other than Rent.it. Any link to external resources is not and should not be considered as an advice from Rent.it nor as a guarantee or a declaration relating to the fact that the information or services available on these websites correspond to certain standards or are suitable for the purposes of the user. These links are provided for your convenience only and for reference. The inclusion in this booking engine of links to other websites or servers does not imply approval of the material present on these websites or servers (including, by way of example, materials relating to information or services relating to travel) nor any connection with their managers. Rent.it does not control these websites or servers nor the subjects that manage them and has no responsibility in this regard and therefore declines any responsibility in relation to the materials present on these servers or websites and the accuracy or legitimacy of the information present on other websites or servers. The user, in using these other websites or servers and all the information they contain, will have to resort to his own will. If the user decides to access one of the third-party websites linked via hyperlink to this booking engine, he does so at his own risk and leaves this booking engine to be redirected to a website on which Rent.it has no control.


Rent.it does not provide transport services, and consequently is not subject to the conditions of transport, has no responsibility (direct or indirect) towards the user or any other party in relation to the conditions of transport applicable to the user, which may include any problems or disputes with the Transport Service Provider, which may concern, for example, disputes relating to personal injury or material damage deriving from the Transport Service or from the Transport Conditions or related to them.


The booking engine is made available to the user "as is" and Rent.it does not provide any guarantee relating to the fact that:

  1. the booking engine or the technology through which it is made available and which supports it is free from malfunctions or defects;
  2. the information published on the booking engine is free from virus infections or any other element with contaminating or destructive properties.

Rent.it declines any responsibility in relation to infections or consequences of harmful applications such as, for example, viruses, trojans, tampering, fraud, theft, error, technical failure, omission, delay, unauthorized access or any event that interferes with acceptable management, communication and / or integrity of the booking engine.

Customer reviews

At the end of the rental we request our customers opinions on the services offered by car rental companies.
These opinions may be published on our website anonymously, in order to inform other customers of the type and quality of the service offered by the provider, almost always in aggregate form.
These opinions will be used partially or entirely by Rent.it on its website, social media, newsletters, applications, and in general in all channels we manage.
Rent.it reserves, at its discretion, the right to modify, remove or not publish the opinions provided.
The reviews express the personal opinion of our customers and do not necessarily represent the viewpoint of Rent.it.

Online dispute resolution for consumers

The consumer residing in Europe must be aware of the fact that the European Commission has set up an online platform that provides an alternative dispute resolution tool. This tool can be used by the European consumer to resolve non-judicially any dispute relating to and/or arising from contracts of sale of goods and services made on the Internet.
Therefore, if you are a European consumer, you can use this platform for the resolution of any dispute arising from the online contract with the Owner. The platform is available following this link.
The Owner is available to answer any question submitted via the contact channels indicated in the Customer Care page.


Rent.it reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to modify and / or update the Booking Conditions and the content of the website and the booking engine, for any reason, without notice and without any responsibility towards the user or any other user or third party.
This right does not affect the Booking Conditions accepted by the user at the time of booking, which the user is required to print and / or save on their devices. Rent.it does not physically archive a copy of the "conditions of use of the service" for each reservation, but these are accessible at any time by consulting the Voucher or by accessing the booking engine. It is advisable to check for any changes to these "conditions of use of the service" each time you access the booking engine.
The Transport Service Provider may occasionally change its rental conditions (or transport conditions) shown in the booking engine and confirmed on the Voucher. Rent.it is not responsible for any changes made at any time by the transport service provider to the rental conditions (or transport conditions) shown on this booking engine or on the voucher and declines any responsibility in this regard.


These Terms of Use are governed by the Italian law. Therefore, for any dispute related thereto, only the Italian law is applied before any court and authority.
The "Condizioni di utilizzo del servizio" (Terms of service) in Italian are to be considered as the original version and are the only ones with legal value. This text is a translation of them and it is provided as an aid to the customers for their full understanding. In case of discrepancy between this translation and the original version, the legal terms indicated in the "Condizioni di utilizzo del servizio" in Italian apply.
General information and Terms & Conditions here reported are correct at the time of publication.

Last Update: March 30, 2020

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