On Rent.it you have the possibility to rent cars in the main Italian airports with only the verification of the credit or debit card, without a deposit, eliminating the problem of blocking large amounts on the credit or debit card and guaranteeing a worry-free trip.

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For those who usually travel, the idea of renting a car has become increasingly convenient and practical. Whether to explore tourist destinations or for business purposes, a rental car offers flexibility and freedom of movement. Now, with the introduction of a new initiative by Locauto, one of the leading car rental companies in Italy, the process has become even easier.

If you have booked your next flight to Milan, Catania, Olbia, Rome, Alghero or Palermo or to all the other locations and airports where Locauto operates, you can now take advantage of this unmissable promotion. Through the website www.rent.it travelers will be able to rent a car with a deposit of zero euros!

We know how annoying it can be to block large amounts on your credit or debit card, which could limit your availability of funds for other expenses during your trip. With this new 0 euro deposit policy, Rent.it and Locauto customers will no longer have to worry about this inconvenience. The trip will be more relaxing and without financial worries.

Rent.it and Locauto have always focused on customer satisfaction, and this initiative once again demonstrates the company's commitment to making car rental a simple and pleasant experience. With a diverse fleet of cars and efficient customer service, Rent.it and Locauto are the ideal partners for exploring Italy in freedom.

So, if you are planning your next trip to Italy and need a rental car, visit www.rent.it and book now to take advantage of this fantastic offer with a symbolic deposit of 0 euros. Your trip will be even more pleasant, worry-free and with the freedom to explore incredible places!

The Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit or debit card is still required and must be in the name of the main driver of the car, as indicated in the booking. The card will still be verified for its validity at the rental office with a transaction of €0.01 (1 cent). Remember that it is only the deposit that is reduced to zero. The damage and theft deductibles and any other liability of the main driver remain unchanged.
At the time of booking you can still choose to purchase Riverside insurance for the reimbursement of excesses, for a worry-free rental, for around 10 euros per day.

Publish date: 19/10/2023 (Last update 19/10/2023)
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