Rent your car in italy without a credit card with! Find out how now allows you to rent a car in Italy with some companies with debit and prepaid cards

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On it is now possible to rent cars in Italy even without a financial credit card, using for example debit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards.
It is necessary that the cards are nominative, i.e. they have the name of the holder printed on them, which must coincide with the person who will be the holder of the rental contract and the main driver of the car.

How does it work?

Generally, for car rental, a financial credit card in the name of the main driver of the car is always mandatory.
Now, thanks to some selected car rentals, it is also possible to use ATMs and debit and prepaid cards that have the owner's name printed on them.
The main thing to know is that, in order to rent with debit cards and prepaid cards, it is necessary to purchase insurance to cancel the deductibles: this option will therefore be automatically included at the time of booking.
While with a debit card (belonging to the VISA or MASTERCARD payment circuits, which has the owner's name printed on it (the signature on the back is not sufficient) and which has the word "DEBIT") you can rent with the same rental rates traditional with credit card.

The security deposit will be charged to the nominative debit/prepaid card (and not authorised, as happens with credit cards) which - given that all insurances are taken - will normally vary between 300 and 600 euros depending on the rented group (this amount however, it is indicated for each individual vehicle). The security deposit will then be returned via bank transfer.
For this purpose, the customer must provide their IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code when collecting the vehicle.

However, by renting with a nominative VISA or MASTERCARD debit, the deposit will simply be authorized at the start of the rental and then released at the end.

IMPORTANT: in the car search results you MUST use the filters, selecting under Cards Accept that Prepaid Card or ATM if you rent with a nominative prepaid card or a nominative ATM from the MAESTRO or PAGOBANCOMAT circuit; instead select Debit Card if you rent with a VISA or MASTERCARD nominative debit card.
In any case, in each individual vehicle the type of cards accepted must be expressly present in the writing under the photo of the car.

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What documents are needed?

The card used when collecting the vehicle must have the following data printed on it:

  • name of the owner (mandatory)
  • Card IBAN (for prepaid cards)

In addition to the debit/debit/prepaid card, the customer must present:

  • original and valid driving license
  • identity document with original photo (identity card, passport)
  • return flight ticket (mandatory in case of rental with nominative prepaid card or nominative debit card)

It follows that rentals of this type are possible almost exclusively in offices at airports and car rental companies expressly exclude the possibility of making this type of rental to residents of the pick-up location.

It is important to underline that the vehicle will be rented with nominative debit cards or nominative prepaid cards at the sole discretion of the rental agent, who may reserve the right not to deliver the car if he does not deem the customer's qualification sufficient.
This can also happen if you rent with a credit card if the rental agent does not consider the guarantees presented by the customer to be sufficient.

Additionally, UK drivers will need to present a printed copy of their driving license infringement record. This document will be retained by the rental office.