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Saudi Arabia

The modern nation of Saudi Arabia is famous for its towering buildings and bustling metropolises. This is also the country where the Arabic race was born and visitors to Saudi Arabia will find a large number of enchanting historical cities to explore as well as vast deserts and picturesque mountain scenery. All of these elements as well as a diverse culture and rich and delicious cuisine make Saudi Arabia fascinating place for people to visit.

Mecca is one of the most famous attractions in the whole of Saudi Arabia. Every year millions of Muslims from around the world go on pilgrimages to Mecca and this holy city features a large number of sacred Muslim buildings such as the Grand Mosque and the sacred Zamzam. The capital city of Riyadh is also home to a large number of famous attractions, including the Riyadh Museum, the Masmak Fortress and Murabba Palace.

Things to do and see in Saudi Arabia with a car rental

People who book in advance can rent their choice of vehicle through our website Rent.it and will find it ready and waiting for them at King Khaled Airport on the outskirts of Riyadh when they arrive. The airport is situated just 35kms from the city centre, and this journey can be completed quickly and easily by car. After exploring all that Riyadh has to offer, visitors can climb in their car and drive some 30 kilometres to the ruins of Dir’aiyah. This was once the capital of Saudi Arabia and the ruined palaces and other buildings offer an interesting insight into the country’s past. Next, it is time to visit the city of Jeddah. This enchanting coastal metropolis can be found on the west coast of Saudi Arabia and is on the edge of the Red Sea. The atmosphere in Jeddah tends to be slightly more relaxed than in much of Saudi Arabia and this is a great place to unwind for a while. Mecca is located slightly inland from Jeddah and it is worth taking the drive across the dessert. However, most of Mecca is off limits to non-Muslims and people who want to view this magnificent city should drive to the town of Taif, which can be found in the mountains above Mecca. In addition to offering enchanting views of the holy city and cool mountain air, Taif also features a large number of interesting attractions for visitors to explore including the central mosque, which serves as an excellent example of Islamic architecture, the Shubra Palace and the vibrant Tailor's Souk.

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Saudi Arabia
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