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Welcome to Mexico

The United Mexican States, known by most as Mexico, is a republic in Northern America. It is over 760,000 square miles which makes it the 13th biggest nation of the world. It has a current population of 113 million people. The country comprises 31 states as well as the capital city. To the North, Mexico shares a border with the United States, the south and west border leads to the Pacific, to the south East is Guatemala and to the east is the famous Mexican Gulf. 

Before Mexico existed as we know it today, it saw many ancient civilisation take root, most notably the Mayan civilisation. This leaves an interest mix of relics and antiquities for you to discover in your rental car today.

The main attractions of Mexico

The main attractions of this country include, Acapulco. This is the original Mexican resort destination that came into being in the 1950's. It remains a popular resort, especially among spring break students. The next important attraction is Palenque. This is an important Mayan architectural site, which, although small contains some of the most precious and well preserved architectural relics dating from about 700 AD. The next must see attraction is Chichen Itza. This is the largest of the Mayan cities, and is particularly famous for the temple pyramid El Castilo, Mexico's most visited tourist destination. Finally, Mexico City is a must see, with its wonderful mix of cultures.


Why not pick up your rental car at Mexico City airport! before taking a wonderful road trip to discover the main sites and sounds of Mexico. Start here before heading out to the Yucatan Peninsula to visit Chichen Itza. Then head up to Palenque, before finishing your journey in Acapulco where you can enjoy the wonderful beach and sea. A road trip is the perfect way to discover the varied and cosmopolitan country.

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