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The Ancient Culture and Sandy Beaches of Greece

The pink coral beaches of Greece beckon you to come enjoy a fantastic vacation on the Mediterranean Sea. With a history spanning back through the ages, from Roman rule to a time when Greece dominated the world around it, this ancient country flourished as a cultural center. Producing classic architectural masterpieces such as the Parthenon; it is also home to the Olympic Games and Alexander the Great.
Bearing the name of both an ancient oracle and a modern city, Delphi is located on the slope of Mount Parnassus. The Greeks viewed the city as the center of the world and it remains a top destination today. A winter ski season keeps visitors coming to Delphi for both snow and visits to the nearby beach.
The port city of Piraeus boasts the Greek Maritime Museum and is the main harbor making it a commercial center for the country. Ferries offer passage to the various Greek islands from the docks in Piraeus.
Drive past monuments dedicated to fallen mythological heroes as you wind your way through the streets of the Greek capital of Athens. A trip to the Turkish Bazaar to barter with the craftsmen and merchants, while you shop for jewelry and local fabrics, is a fun way to spend an afternoon. While much of the city has been modernized, there are still areas reminiscent of the turn of the century with corner boutiques and small taverns featuring local fare.
Traveling by car to the Oracle at Delphi is somewhat hilly and should begin in Athens; then through Thebes, where Hercules was born, and onto Livadia, Arachova and Delphi. After seeing the oracle, make sure to visit the famous Charioteer of Delphi located in the Delphi Museum.
Fans of Greek history will want to make the 90 km drive from Athens to the city of Mycenae. This World Heritage Site was once a military power and is home to cultural antiquities such as The Lions Gate which once served as the city’s entrance. The trip from Athens to Olympia is a long one, but taking the route along the coastline or through the Greek countryside will afford the traveler panoramic scenery. Quaint villages offer lodging and local fare along the way.

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