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About Grenoble

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If you ever happen to find yourself spending some time in Grenoble, it is most likely you will have arrived via Grenoble-Isère, the main airport that is the gateway to a beautiful French city that has so much to offer. Nestled in the south east of France, Grenoble is situated right at the base of the French Alps at the point in which the river Isère joins the river Drac. Grenoble is the designated capital of the department of Isère, and due to its close distance and proximity to the beautiful mountains, the city has come to be known and nicknamed as the Capital of the Alps.

Grenoble has a multitude of interesting and engaging attributes that should be on the list of any tourist, including a visit to the impressive Museum of Grenoble, an establishment renowned for its collection of both ancient and 20th century works from artists such as Warhol and Matisse.

Something not to be missed is a visit to the famous Bastille, an ancient collection of fortifications that overlook Grenoble and are visible from many points in the north of the city. The construction of the Bastille can be dated as far back as the Middle Ages and since 1934 an excellent cable car system has been in place that provides visitors with an up close look at both the fortifications and picturesque views of the river Isère.

Tourists seeking even more historical culture will enjoy visiting the Palace of the Parliament of Dauphiné, most recently a courthouse but once a grand palace built in 1500 and used as such up until the French Revolution. Those looking for something a little less educational will find equal satisfaction in the array of shops; cafes and authentic restaurants dotted around the city, with a particular highlight being the Café de la Table Ronde, Frances second oldest café.

A full day of tourism can be both tiresome and arduous depending on the locations of your desired sites, and the best and most convenient way to discover the best of Grenoble is via a private rental car. Rent.it can book cars for customers through all of the main rental companies across Europe, and once you have made a booking it really is as easy as arriving at the airport, picking up your arranged rental car, and driving away independently to take in all of Grenoble’s most memorable offerings.
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