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Czech Republic

Discover the Wonders of the Czech Republic

This little landlocked country is barely 15 percent the size of France, yet many say it's the very heart of Europe. There aren't many places on earth where you can find so much beauty packed in such a small area.
Before 1918, when it obtained its independence, the country included the kingdoms of Slovakia, Moravia and Bohemia and was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This multiculturalism and the rich history of the Czech Republic had a great impact on its culture and architecture, making it a very popular tourist attraction in Europe.

Main Attractions to Look Forward To
In the Czech Republic, you will always have a wealth of cultural, historical and natural treasures within reach! Get yourself a rental and go on a road trip to discover the stories this small, enchanting country has to tell you.
Those interested in history and architecture will be delighted to visit the beautiful castles and chateaux of the country, such as the Prague, Cesky Krumlov or Karlstejn castles and many other gems of history here – 12 of which having been included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

If you're looking for a little fun and relaxation, you will love the nightlife in the major cities (especially Prague) and the low costs associated with it. Also, don't forget to visit any the vineyards in the Moravia region, famous for its fine wine. And if you're a nature enthusiast, head out to the majestic Sumava Mountains, which offer you numerous hiking and skiing possibilities.
And after all the visiting, partying and hiking, you can treat yourself to a stay in one of the famous spa cities in the Czech Republic and allow yourself to be pampered, both body and mind.

A Simple Road Trip Plan for First-Time Visitors
Since this is such a small country and packed with attractions and beautiful landscapes, the best way to experience it to the fullest is through a road trip. To make sure you get a good rental car, make a reservation in advance through a reputable broker, such as Rent.it, and you'll have your vehicle waiting for you at the airport in Prague. From there on, get ready for adventure!
- First, head out to Cesky Krumlov (a 3-hour drive from Prague) and explore this picturesque medieval town and its famous castle, as well as the Baroque-era theater. You can also rent a kayak and sail down the Vltava River, or, if there's enough time, drive to the nearby town called Cesky Budejovice, which is the home of the original Budweiser.
- From Krumlov, drive 140 miles to Mikulov, but on the way there, don't forget to stop by the historic villages of Slavonice and Trebon. In Mikulov, bed down at the Hotel Templ, a comfortable and beautiful place that's partly housed in an ancient synagogue. Check out the castle in this area as well as old Jewish Cemetery, and have a taste of the quality white wines produced by the local wineries.
- After a 1.5 hour drive from Mikulov, you will reach Omoluc, a big university city that has a small-town vibe. You can forget yourself here wandering around the city's narrow streets and huge squares. However, don't forget to visit the Tvarusky Museum – which is dedicated to cheese.
- From Omoluc, it's time to drive back to Prague, which will take you about 3.5 hours. It would take tons of pages to describe all the amazing things the capital has to offer, but, to mention just a few, make sure you don't miss the Museum of Czech Cubism and the Prague Castle.

You may need months or even years to be able to truly experience the essence of the Czech Republic – even after a lifetime spent here, you can still discover new, wonderful things about it. If you only have a few days or weeks to visit, do make sure to cover as many of its magical places as possible!

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