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Canada is a large nation that is blessed with a hugely diverse landscape. Canada also boasts a number of world class cosmopolitan cities, which are inhabited by a diverse range of people. The country covers an area of just under ten million square kilometres, making it one of the largest countries in the world, although less than forty million people live there. Both French and English are widely spoken throughout Canada and the country combines its English heritage with a vibrant French heritage and these two backgrounds combine to make the history and culture of Canada truly special. 

Canada is famous for its natural beauty and is home to a number of magnificent natural attractions such as Niagara Falls, the enchanting Rocky Mountains and the picturesque Lake Ontario. The nation’s Great Lakes can be found in the southeast, while Newfoundland is located in the northwest and this region boasts a long rugged coastline scattered with charming villages. Temperatures often drop below freezing in the winter, which makes this a popular place for skiing and other winter sports, while the mountainous scenery that covers much of the country makes the perfect setting for long hikes in the summer months. 

The capital city of Ottawa features an international airport, which is a good place to collect a rental car after touching down. From Ottawa, people who have rented a car can drive east to the vibrant city of Montreal. After taking the time to explore all that Montreal has to offer, visitors can follow the long stretch of stunning coastline that leads the way to the city of Toronto. There are plenty of interesting places to stop along the way, such as the coastal towns of Cornwall, Kingston and Oshawa. Niagara Falls is situated just a 90-minute drive to the south of Ottawa and this is one drive that people who have rented a car are sure to love. 
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